GMD - Dr. Hartmut Surmann, Dr. Liliane Peters and Jörg Huser, researchers at GMD's Institute for System Design Technology, have won the Robot Intelligence Award in a fuzzy robot competition in Yokohama, Japan. This prize was awarded for a novel fuzzy system for an autonomous mobile robot. Controlled by means of a new fuzzy logic controller, the autonomous robot navigates smoothly through an office building. Though weighing 400 kg and having a maximum payload of 150 kg, the robot accomplishes its tasks flexibly and fast. The robot has been developed within a cooperatioan with the "TZN Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Unterlüß GmbH". The robot's independent attempts to get out from dead end and its fast evading manoeuver upon the appearence of a human obstacle impressed the jury.

Certificate of Merit

Here you can see Hartmut, when he gets the Certificate from Hisao Shiizuka in Yokohama, Japan. Isn't that a beautiful bow?